Look Out Marvel, Sixth Graders Create Own Superheroes

Adrian Barragan, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, October 25th, one of the 6th Grade Individuals and Societies classes, led by Ms. Hickey and Ms. Egan, held the Superhero Project Presentation for the 6th grade. The Superhero Project follows the United Nations Global Goals. The U.N. Global Goals highlight the world’s needs and problems and then sets a deadline for them to be resolved. The students then create a superhero based on the global goal they chose. For one, there is E-Kid (my superhero) who provides clean energy and reflects on the Clean and Affordable Energy Global Goal. 

Sixth grade Individuals & Societies teacher Ms. Hickey said, “My I&S classes started learning about the Global Goals in 2017. I got the idea from a friend’s post about the goals and thought that it was interesting and it met the standards that the school had for projects.” 

It was well received by the sixth graders. One was Abel Baird. “I liked creating my own superhero. It was really fun to give them good attributes. My favorite part of the project was deciding what superpowers to give him.” Ms. Hickey’s class actually started doing the Superhero Project in 2019, and for three years it has been very successful. It has definitely been a class favorite.