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    Club Spotlight: No Place For Hate

    The DFMS No Place For Hate Club is a club for the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. This is a club that runs during lunch time. Middle School Guidance Counselor Ms. Hacker supervises this year’s 6th and 8th graders while the other DFMS Guidance Counselor, Ms. Mittan, supervises the 7th graders.  The goal of the club is to spread acts of kindness around the community. The No Place For Hate Clubs is a “ADL Education program”or “Anti-Defamation League” . In other words it’s a leading anti-hate organization in the world.

    If you were in Springhurst have you ever seen the yellow sign with black lettering on the wall on the stage?  It said No Place For Hate, and maybe it had a gold star with it. Or you have signed the five rule pledge acknowledging that there is no place for hate. That is No Place for Hate. When a school or community signs up for the No Place for Hate program, that area will try their best to be a place for love, not hate.

    The activities the clubs participate in have to help or do something for the school or community. It could be putting up posters saying nice things or saying good things to people. It brightens their day and makes people feel included in activities. Once the club does at least 4 activities in the school, the poster is awarded a gold star. These activities can be putting up posters, raising money for an organization, or just doing something around your school can help. For one of the community things each year we would go to the Senior Center and do Bingo with them. Last year,  the 5th graders got to go to NYU for being a No Place for Hate Club member. This year we were invited to go to the retirement center and sing carols to the people.

    In conclusion this is a club that you are included in, where everyone will listen to your ideas. This is a club that you can join anytime if you feel like you are committed to join it.  Remember, there is no place for hate.