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    Wanna Do Good? Donate Blood

    Our Dobbs Ferry Middle School has tons of different activities and events. Concerts, field day, PBIS days, open mic nights. Although there’s one event at our school that occurs twice a year that is more beneficial to our community than any other event here.

    I know what you must be thinking. What could be more beneficial than breakfast for lunch days? Well to be honest, few things are, all except for the Blood Drive!

    The Blood Drive is an event where our gym is turned into a blood donation center. Cots are set up and teachers and highschoolers over sixteen come to donate blood!

    But enough about the Blood Drive itself, let’s do some Q&A with the volunteers! 

    Ms. Wing is our school’s Health teacher and she helps supervise the Blood Drive.

    Q: Why do you think donating blood is important?

    Ms. Wing teacher and volunteer: “It saves lives. Also, we can’t make blood; the only way to get blood is from other people.”

    Q: How many lives can be saved by just one pint of blood?

    Ms. Wing: It can save up to three people.


    The Blood Drive would not exist without its volunteers. 

    Q: Do you think kids should be educated on Blood Donation? Why?

    Eleanor Walker 10th grade student and volunteer: Yes. Donating blood can save so many lives, so it’s important that kids know about Blood Donation from a young age.

    Q: What are some benefits of donating blood?

    Lena Harwood 11th grade student and volunteer: People who receive the blood can live. Plus, you get cookies and stickers afterward!

    Q: Why do you think blood donations are needed by so many people?

    Bob from NY Blood Center: There’s always a need because there are always people who have cancers or get in accidents or fires, or have surgery’s; people in general who need blood. There’s always a need for blood because so many people who can donate, don’t.


    Dobbs Ferry residents Mariella and Mary Bremmer were blood donors on this day.

    Q: Why are you volunteering for this?

    Mary Bremmer blood donor: I know that they frequently request that I donate because my blood type is very beneficial to them. I also know that they need donations because donations have been down ever since covid.

    Mariella blood donor: “Because I wanted to do something good.”


    Our Dobbs Ferry Middle School has tons of different activities and events. Concerts, field day, PBIS days, open mic nights, and the Blood Drive.

    The Blood Drive is an event that occurs twice annually at our school to save lives. 

    To do something good.