DFMS Performs Beauty and the Beast!


Beauty and the Beast was performed by students from DFMS. Antara Mishra portrayed Gaston, Lefou was played by Henry Turner, and Maisie VanNess was Belle.

Abel Baird, Staff Writer

Dobbs Ferry Middle School students performed the play Beauty and the Beast this past November 18th and 19th in the high school auditorium. It is about a girl named Belle, in her “Poor Provincial town”. It takes place in a rural area in France. The villagers think she is crazy for reading, among other things. But far away there is a Beast. It once was a rich and mean prince, but a witch cursed him into an appearance so hideous that if anyone could ever love him, the spell would be broken. But if the petal of the rose, an enchanted one, falls, then he would be cursed forever with all of his servants turned into objects like clocks, plates, forks, candles and even dust feathers! 

The play was directed by Mr. Brewster & Mr. Brandon.  Dobbs Middle schoolers spent from the middle of September to the middle of November prepping for the play.  Everything was done by students and adult supporters including costumes, set designs and lighting. Sixth grader Kennedy Collins played the role of Narrator #4 and a fork.  “I absolutely loved it (the play).  It was challenging memorizing the lines, but performing is amazing!”