Springhurst’s Pumpkin Fair an Annual Fall Favorite

Luka Wood, Staff Writer

On Saturday, October 22, the annual Pumpkin Fair took place at Springhurst from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. There were multiple different contests including the pie contest, chili contest, and guessing the weight of the pumpkin. 

The way it worked for the pie contest was that you could buy pie from the confections stand, then you could vote for your favorite one. 

For the chili contest, there was a panel of five different judges including Springhurst’s Principal Dr. Drake.  The winner of the chili contest was Your Mama’s Chili. 

Some of the most popular things at the pumpkin fair were the balloon animals, the confections area, and finally, the bouncy castle. There was also a karate stand where if you chopped the block you got to keep it, with many people carrying around blocks chopped in half.  Many were successful!

In addition, there were different blow-up sports contests including basketball and football. For basketball, if you made it into the hoop you got a prize. For football, you could choose a target and try to hit it.  If you hit the target, then you get the allotted points. 

All in all, the Pumpkin Fair was a really fun and exciting experience, with music, competitions and a pumpkin patch.  For people who weren’t there, there’s always next year!