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    DFMS Hosts Movie Night


    Once again the middle school Movie Night came and went on March 19th, 2024. The entry fee was $20 per family. This year, for the first time ever, the 5th graders got to come to the event to see what it was like. 

    The movie was called The  Super Mario Brothers, and the event was held outside, even though it was very windy! The screen kept moving around due to the wind which made it hard to see at times. 

    The student government got to help set up the event as well as choose the movie. Among the people who were helping with movie tickets were Ms. Ducic, and Ms. Hacker.
    There were two food trucks in the parking lot in case you arrived hungry. One of the trucks had fast food including  burgers, hotdogs, and cheesesteaks. Then there was a Dobbs Ferry favorite, “Jimmy Soft Serve”. 

    It was one cold night so people used blankets to stay warm. They also brought beach chairs, towels, and picnic blankets to sit on. It originally was supposed to be inside, due to rain. But then at the last minute it was switched outside. But even though it was cold and windy, people still had fun. Let’s just be glad it didn’t rain!
    One 6th grader, Zoe Berk said, “It was really fun to help out.” Another 6th grader, Ashleigh Avalos, said,  “I wish it was on a later date or warmer outside.  It was really cold.”  So, hopefully next year we can continue the fun, but on a warmer day.