Powerball Fever Spreads into Dobbs Ferry

Daniel Storck, Staff Writer

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Powerball fever is gripping the country. This week’s jackpot is a record – $1.3 billion! And it may get bigger! There have been no winners over the last few days, so the prize just keeps going up and up. However, though this is a giant jackpot, a ticket bearer is faced with even more gigantic odds. To give you an idea, here are some examples relevant to winning; flipping a coin 28 times, and getting heads 28 times; or, getting struck by lightning! Simply put, being the one in 292 million to perfectly match those six numbers.

Still, optimists believe. Some students at the Middle School definitely know what they would do with their winnings. “I would buy a huge trampoline. Like, huge!” says sixth grader Ryan Brunenavs.

Other young wannabe millionaires such as  Noah Tirschwell are unsure of what they would do with that much money. “Too much money to think about right now,” he says.  Remember, readers, you have to be 18 years old to purchase and redeem a lottery ticket, so leave that decision to your parents or guardians!  No matter what your wish is, tension will be in the air Wednesday night at the drawing. Good luck to all!

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