Blood Drive Returns to DFSD!


Maisie VanNess, Staff Writer

Count to two in your head. Every two seconds somebody is in need of blood.  In addition, one in three people will need a blood product in their lifetime. 

For the first time since fall 2019, there was a Blood Drive in Dobbs Ferry. It was organized by Ms. Wing, the middle school and high school health teacher. It took place on Thursday, 4/21, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Anyone in the community and/or school over the age of 16 can donate blood. This Drive produced 68 pints of blood for needy patients.

The school had been running blood drives for over 13 years, but due to COVID they had to put them on hold. “Donating blood at school makes it easy for students and people in the community to get involved,” Wing says. Sixth grade teacher Mr. Feller is a consistent contributor to this and all blood drives.  “If you can stomach it, I recommend giving blood.  It is obviously good for others and it makes you feel good, too.”