DFSD version of Les Mis a Hit!


Ava Neumaier

The DFSD cast of Les Miserables put on quite a show at the newly refurbished high school auditorium.

Maisie VanNess, Staff Writer

On April 7th, 8th and 9th, actors, performers and stage hands from the Dobbs Ferry School District put on a captivating performance of Les Miserables. 

Les Mis is quite a hard musical to sing and perform in, but these actors pulled it off. The “main” character Jean Valjean has very hard notes to sing. But the actor who played him sang beautifully. And Monsieur and Madame Thenardier lifted up the musical by being the comic relief. 

Not only were high schoolers in the musical, but four lucky middle schoolers, too. 8th grader Laila Storms played Young Cosette.  Sixth graders Chloe Hogan and Phoebe Walker played Gavroche and Young Eponine respectively. Lastly, sixth grader Anika Johnston was the understudy for Young Eponine and Gavroche and also acted as an ensemble character. 

And the sets were beautiful. The platform looked extremely cool, especially for a high school performance. The “houses” on the side looked realistic, or as realistic as possible for a high school performance. 

DFSD music teacher Ms. DeFalco was the producer and director of this extraordinary show. “The school and community came out to support Les Miserables. It was extremely successful (we had to open up the balcony for seating!) and everyone commented on how professional the show was! I have received many emails from parents and community members about how much they loved the show. The kids who participated backstage and onstage should feel extremely proud of themselves!”