Students give The Giver a review YA movie adaptations, and whether or not they work.

Ava Neumaier, Staff Writer

February 27, 2017

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Recently, the sixth grade, after finishing Lois Lowry’s The Giver, went down to the auditorium to watch its movie adaptation. Released in 2014, the movie The Giver gained mixed reactions from students on whether or not it di...

Take a Chance on Counting By 7s

Fiona Joslin, Staff Writer

February 6, 2017

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The amazing Willow Chance, the heroine of Holly Goldberg Sloan’s Counting by 7s, is an eleven year girl who is really smart and is interested in basically everything. Orphaned at birth, Willow was adopted by two loving parents ...

Thanksgiving… Gobbled Away?

Violette Terjanian, Guest Writer

December 7, 2016

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This year, Thanksgiving is in danger of being gobbled away like a pumpkin pie by profit-hungry stores.   Black Friday has been looming around the corner, and stores have stated that they will open at 6 P.M. on Thanksgiving d...

Black Friday on Thanksgiving?

Abigail Ward, Guest Writer

December 7, 2016

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Take a moment and think about the meaning of Thanksgiving. To me, there is one big meaning that shapes the entire holiday. I’ll give you a hint: it’s in the name of the holiday. Thanks. Gratitude. Appreciation. These are a...

Should Stores Be Open On Thanksgiving?

Ava Nemec, Guest Writer

December 5, 2016

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The better question is, why shouldn’t they be? For decades, the day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, has been known for the best sales of the year. More recently, stores started opening their doors earlier and earlier. Sto...

Black Friday vs. Thanksgiving

Elizabeth Oakes, Guest Writer

December 5, 2016

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Black Friday is a day of the year well-known by most Americans; it’s a day when you can “shop ‘till you drop” and get the best deals on products in almost every store.  But what about the day before it?  Thanksgiving, ...