Fearless Forecaster: NFL Division Round Playoff Predictions

Jonah Bass, Staff Writer

The NFL Wild Card Weekend was a great one. There were blowouts, upsets, and a controversial end. But now it is time to look ahead to the divisional round. So here are my picks and reasoning for the four games that are happening this weekend in the NFL Divisional Round Playoffs.

First, the AFC…

Buffalo Bills vs the Kansas City Chiefs

I know that most people will disagree with me on this, but I choose the Bills for this game. First, the Bills have the number one pass defense in the league, and the only bad part of the defense, their run defense, held the Patriots to very few rushing yards. The Chiefs offense is very good, but I think the Bills will hold them to less points then the Bills offense will put up. I don’t think the Chiefs defense is good enough to stop the red hot Bills. So I am picking the Bills in a close, high scoring, game. 

Cincinnati Bengals vs the Tennessee Titans

These two teams are pretty similar. Fine defenses, and great offenses. The Bengals duo of Joe Burrow and Ja’marr Chase, followed up by Joe Mixon is elite. I do not think that the Titans have the tools to stop them on defense. This will be Derick Henry’s first game back from his injury. The Titans have a good passing attack, but they will need their star running back at full strength for this game. Henry is the X factor. If Henry is close to 100%, I think the Titans will win. If Henry is slow to get back to his normal self in his return, I think the Bengals will win. In the end, I think the Bengals will start fast and take a big lead at halftime.  The Titans will stage a comeback, but it won’t be enough and the Bengals will win.

Now the NFC… 

Green Bay Packers vs the San Francisco 49ers 

I know everyone is thinking that the 49ers are red hot, and everyone was underestimating them, but they are playing the Packers. Green Bay is such a good all around team with the best record in the NFL. The 49ers do have a very good offense, but I don’t think it will be enough against Rodgers and Adams. I think the Niers will keep it close, but I have the Packers moving on.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs the Los Angeles Rams 

Both of these teams have an elite offense and an elite defense. Both of the teams also have offensive and defensive momentum coming into this game. The Buccaneers have a slightly better offense than the Rams, and the Rams have a slightly better defense then the Buccaneers. I feel like this game will come down to the offensive efficiency in the beginning of the game. If Brady starts out well, then the Buccaneers will win. If Stafford starts out well, then the Rams will win. In the end, I think the Rams will win because they beat the Buccaneers in the regular season.

This Divisional round will be a very good one. I can’t wait for this weekend.