Just My Opinion…a book review by Ashley


Ashley Wu, Staff Writer

WE WALKED THE SKY- Lisa Fielder   

 Genre: Realistic fiction



Backstory: (1965) Seventeen-year-old Victoria just escaped an unstable home. She flees to the “ultimate place for her dreams and runaways-the circus”, aka the VanDrexel Family Circus. Fifteen years later, her granddaughter, Calie, is thriving…

About: “We Walked The Sky” by Lisa Fielder is a realistic fiction book about Victoria and her granddaughter Calie.  It chronicles their experiences and adventures at the circus and apart. Calie, a gifted tightrope walker, can’t imagine losing a job at the circus. But when Calie’s mother accepts a job at an animal sanctuary months after Victoria’s death, Calie is forced to leave her lifelong home behind. 

Review: Reading this book, the layout of words and language was aesthetically pleasing. I like the spacing and the words Fielder used. Fielder also uses dialog in a detailed manner in a way that you could play those scenes out in your head. As someone who typically prefers fantasy fiction, this book has opened my eyes to delving more into the world of realistic fiction. I would recommend this book to people who like and desire a bit of spice, drama and connection.  

Rating: 3.5/5