Lockers Are Back!

Billy Brill, Staff Writer

Finally! Lockers! 

We’ve all been waiting for them a while. I mean, Covid screwed up a lot of things. No actual,  in-person school. Mask mandates. Having to get two shots that aren’t the flu shot. And the list goes on. So lockers are a step in the right direction. 

Without lockers our bags practically weighed 100 pounds! My bag weighed so much it broke and I lost my water bottle. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who lost something because our backpacks weighed too much. 

My friend, Xavier Bernard, says: “I like the lockers a lot, but there’s a problem with them. There’s a schedule and other people can’t use their lockers because they jam. The codes are kinda long too.”

Xavier wasn’t wrong about that. We’re only allowed to use them before school and before/after lunch. 

I’ve interviewed three other people who for the most part agree with them jamming, but it’s not all negative.

So, on that, I’ve assembled a list of pros and cons on lockers. 

Some pros were already listed, like storage for excess junk. Or, like a lot of kids I see, a place for their entire backpack. And sure, updating our own personal little schedule to fit locker times will take getting used to, but it’ll be worth it.

Some cons are that we can’t use them in between just any class, and that they get jammed almost every time. Plus, with the small window of usage for them, if we put something in it, we have very little time to get the stuff back out. 

So lockers are a great improvement, it’s just that a lot of kids want to see some revisions to them. Thanks for reading!