Two Eggs and Salt

Sofia Bolanos, Staff Writer

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I walked into the kitchen, the floorboards creaking underneath me. The sound was eerie and mysterious. Although I knew that familiar sound, it sent chills down my back. Goosebumps formed on my arms. My favorite feeling in the world. Step by step, right foot, left foot. Finally, I made it into the kitchen.

I flipped the switch. The lights went on illuminating my familiar kitchen. The white cabinets against the ugly backsplash bothered me. My father, a lethargic man, said many  times  he would help me replace it. I still have a pile of tiles in my dimly lit garage.

As I kept walking further into the kitchen, I noticed that some frost had accumulated on my windows.  After such a long, though uneventful winter last year, I’d forgotten what a true buildup of frost looked like. This frost was beautiful and delicate. The heat from my breath was enough to melt it. I stood there, admiring this seasonal exhibition until I had come to my senses. I  had left the water from the sink on.

I pulled out my favorite frying pan, the one that my mother had given when I decided to go to culinary school. Admiring its beauty, I realized that it was the best gift I have ever received. The surface of the frying pan had been painstakingly crafted with fine details. Swirlish and elegant designs were etched into the cast iron surface.  I noticed that engraved on the bottom of the pan were these words: “Good Luck.

The rest of the frying pan was pretty much a normal frying pan. I put it on the stove. It made a large  sound as it hit the stove. I walked over to my refridgerator and got out the required ingredients to make two eggs and salt.

The best thing about making two eggs and salt is that you make your eggs any way you want. Scrabbled, sunny side up, sunny side down. Hard boiled, soft boiled, over easy, or even made into an omelet. You can put anything in your eggs as well. Spices and herbs and anything else that you might think tastes good in eggs.

When I returned to my pan, I put a bit of oil on it. The small flow of the oil looked like a liquid gold waterfall. After that, I put the flame on.

I grabbed the eggs and  carefully cracked one into a time into the bowl. I had decided I wanted my eggs scrambled. At my time at International Culinary Center, I have learned how to make delectable eggs. My specialty? Scrambled eggs!

I whisked the eggs together. Eventually, they form bubbles. I knew right then and there, it was time to cook them.

I got an onion out of the refrigerator and chopped it really fine and then mixed it in my eggs. I also got out bit a parsley. The flavors together create a symphony in anyone’s mouth no matter if one likes eggs or not. Just talking about it makes my mouth start to water. I mixed all the ingredients together and put them into the hot frying pan.

When the eggs hit the frying pan, a sizzling sound hit my ears. The way eggs cook are indescribable.  At first it seems that are not cooking, but slowly lumps begin to form and all along the edge of the pan, the eggs become crisp. If you don’t mix around the eggs once in awhile, you will see that they become the consistency of an omelet.

Eggs are very delicate and need to be watched carefully when cooking. It’s like babysitting. If you take one eye off the child, they start to make a mess. Same goes with eggs.

If you don’t pay close attention to your eggs, they burn and then you have to start all over. Let me tell you, burnt eggs are not what you want to eat for breakfast before a big test. What a waste of ingredients!

Once the eggs are cooked perfectly at 158 degrees fahrenheit without being burned (I have burned a lot of eggs in my day), it’s time to put the final ingredient. Salt.

When putting salt on eggs, it is easy to overpower the flavor of egg with salt. Putting a very very very light dusting of salt should be enough. Then it’s time to eat your eggs.

The worst thing about putting salt on eggs, is that it is really easy to overpower the flavor of eggs with salt. Salt should not be the only flavor tasted when one bites into a piece of egg. There are a lot of other different flavors trying to catch your attention. Therefore putting the right amount of salt is very important when making eggs.

Eggs and salt, if I do say so myself, are much better than green eggs and ham.

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Two Eggs and Salt