Sunshine Protection Act Makes For A Brighter Summer

Billy Brill, Staff Writer

Some may have heard of the recent bill passed by the U.S. Senate; this bill will make it day-light-savings-time 100% of the year, starting in 2023. That means that it will now be an hour ahead of your normal “standard” time 24/7. But this does mean that at certain times of the year, at the same time, it may be dark in the winter and bright in the summer. And then they took this serious matter and named it “Sunshine Protection Act.”

Another thing is that states that already don’t do daylight saving time will get to choose their time, so that some places, in addition to having regional time changes, might be in an entirely different time schedule.

The idea of timezones was introduced in 1918, but was rejected for a bit. Then in 1966, they set up actual official time-change dates. From 1974-75 they actually made DLST the all-the-time thing, but it didn’t work due to dark mornings. 

Joshua Thomas loves the extra hour of sleep, and hates it when you have to switch back. You’re in luck Josh, because now there will be no switching back.

So now you know about the Sunshine protection Act, and how time is going to be changing soon.