DF Students Allowed to Take Off Masks!

Jonah Bass, Staff Writer

It is finally happening! No masks! On March 2nd, masks in school are becoming optional. Students are still allowed to wear a mask, but they just don’t have to. If someone walks into school today, they will see a lot of kids, and teachers, wearing a mask, and they see a lot of kids and teachers not wearing a mask. 

The day before the masks came off, every teacher told every class that students are not allowed to talk about who is wearing a mask and who isn’t, because that might feel like teasing. And some people want to not wear their mask, but they have to because their parents are making them. However, students are still happy about the new rule.

Students have mixed feelings about the new mask rules.. One student, Billy Brill, said, “I feel like they waited a long enough time to take off the masks, and I guess they did it pretty well. I am wearing my masks because I have family members who I visit often, and I don’t want to expose them.” Another student, Max Montgomery, said, “I think that I like how we are given a choice about if we are going to wear a mask. I am not wearing my mask because I am not living with anyone elderly so I am not worried about getting anyone in my family sick.” 

It was not an easy decision for schools to make, though. They had to put a lot of variables in place. They had to make sure that there wasn’t a surge in cases after the break, which is why the new rule started on a Wednesday.