DFMS Concerts Go Virtual

Billy Brill, Staff Writer

Because of covid, the three music groups (orchestra, band, and chorus) have been unable to perform in the auditorium to a live audience.  Instead, these musical Dobbs Ferry student groups will be taking their talents to the big screen, with each group doing their performances virtually. This seems like bad news, but now you will have the opportunity to have these saved so you can play them when you want.

Dobbs Ferry’s MS/HS auditorium is being renovated because, putting it lightly, it’s old. We hope to have it back soon, and it looks like the three music groups will get the first look at it, as that’s where they’ll be practicing and recording. Sixth grader Diego Ventura commented, “I was a little disappointed that we weren’t able to perform live, but it was fun doing the recordings.”

Each group will be practicing at different times. Chorus will practice at 5th and film 6th period, Orchestra practices and records from periods 1-3, and Band practices 4th period and films 6th. The Orchestra did their concert first (on 2/8/22), and Chorus will have theirs the day after on 2/9/22. Band will be the last of the three to go, on 2/10/22. 

And after being filmed, each concert will be edited and sent to parents, staff, and probably more.