Innocence Project Fundraiser a Success

Max Montgomery, Staff Writer

The Innocence Project is an organization that runs DNA tests to help falsely convicted African Americans be proved innocent. In addition, Netflix created  a TV show based off of the Innocence Project called the Innocence Files. It is a nine episode documentary series with 100% a rotten tomatoes score. 

This past February, our Dobbs Ferry Middle School’s Social Justice Alliance Club used the Innocence Project as inspiration for a fundraiser. Pins were sold throughout the building and the proceeds went to the organization. The fundraiser raised $132. Ms. Klebanoff is one of the advisors of the club.  She states that the goal of the club and the fundraiser is to, “Raise awareness of one of these injustices that is currently happening: people being sent to jail, and specifically death row, without getting fair trials.”

The Social Justice Alliance Club is supervised by both Ms. Klebanoff and Mrs. Kaczmarek. This club talks about social justice subjects like equity, inclusion, race diversity, the environment and more! They meet about twice a month. The fundraiser for the innocence project was their first fundraiser this year, but they are having a fundraiser in March for women’s history month and planning things for the rest of the year.