DFMS Presents “How To Eat Like a Child”

DFMS Presents How To Eat Like a Child

Rodger Frisch, Staff Writer

This year’s middle school musical was a blast, funny, entertaining and awesome. Everyone that was part of it should be proud of themselves. The play was called ¨How To Eat Like a Child¨. It was originally a film from 1981. The play was a thrilling show teaching the audience about what kids do best. And the main lesson was how to eat like a child.  

Cast member Henry Turner interviewed other cast members asking them how they eat certain food Items. One of the foods was an animal cracker. One cast member, Conrad Prisament, told the audience how his character eats an animal cracker in his own words.  “First I bite off the head, next I chomp the legs, after that I eat the body.” When it was done the audience clapped and laughed. 

That was not all, the cast members acted out one of my favorites, how to torture your sister. That one was a song and dance routine. There were eight cast members that participated in that scene. Four of the eight were the ones torturing the sister and the others were the sisters. The scene consisted of the four kids torturing their sisters by whispering into the phone while the sisters were talking to their friend. Another part of that scene was the older siblings tempting the sisters with a jelly donut then quickly pulling it away. 

Another funny scene from the play was how to hang up the phone. That scene had two cast members talking to each other on the phone.  They said, “Bye,” and took the phone away from their ear. Then they put it back to their ear and said, ¨Are you still there?¨ They would then both reply, “Yeah.” That happened five times, over and over again, until they finally hung up. 

There were more scenes that I did not mention in this article, but that doesn’t mean that they were not good. Everyone had a part in the play, whether it was backstage or cast. Everyone was involved in some way. Overall, the play was a blast.  Everyone who was watching had fun and I know that I did, too.