Changes to the COVID Middle School Protocols

Jonah Bass, Staff Writer

Starting in early November, changes are going to start happening to the COVID protocols. On November 15 forward, students can come into school early at 7:50, no more need to get buzzed in by the security guard. You have to go directly to the commons, and teachers will make sure you do. The only entrance you are allowed to go through is the middle school entrance, the high school entrance is not allowed. You can have breakfast, or you can just hang out with your friends. At 8:06, everyone has to leave the commons and go to their lockers or classroom.

Next week, on November 22, the plexiglass shields in the commons will be removed. There are now allowed to be five students at a table at a time. There is no more assigned seating, so if you had been wanting to move for a while, you now can.

Two weeks after the shields get removed, December 6, the biggest change happens. The Lunch/Recess cohorts get eliminated. The sixth graders still have lunch 5th period, the seventh graders still have lunch 6th period, and the eighth graders still will have lunch 7th period. The only change is that the whole grade has lunch the first half of the period, then the whole grade has recess the second half of the period. You will be allowed to stay in the commons instead of going outside on to the North Field. If it is raining (or snowing) recess will be in the middle school gym.

Mr. Feller had a morning message one day that was asking about what your feelings about the cafeteria changes. The results were varied with a lot of different opinions ranging from “Love it” to “Hate it” to “Eh, I need more time to figure it out.”

One student, Rodger Frisch, said, “It’s overwhelming, and I need more time to get used to it.” Another student, Max Montgomery said, “It is terrible. I have to wait in line for the whole period unless I sprint down the hall immediately after the first bell.”