DFMS Election Results Are In…


Nola Bass-Weiss, Staff Writer

As you know, a presidential election took place this year, 2020. In conjunction, the Dobbs Ferry  Middle School participated in a mock election. This is not the first one. They have done these in the past. They started in 2004. (George W. Bush vs. John Kerry. George Bush won.) In 2008, it was Barack Obama vs. John McCain. Barack Obama won. In 2012, Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney. Barack Obama won. In 2016, Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. They were all correctly predicted by the students except for 2016. Donald Trump won that year.

Not so coincidentally, the Individuals and Societies teachers in grades 6-8 are teaching about the election; how it works, the candidates, etc.

The teachers created a google form with the two candidates on it. You either click on Joe Biden or Donald Trump. The issues that students should consider are healthcare, racial justice, the pandemic, etc. The organizers of this event are sixth grade Individuals and Societies teachers Mrs. Tobey and Mrs. Hickey. 

The results are in and the DFMS elects Joe Biden by a landslide! He got 80% of votes. Donald Trump only got 20%. As for the real election, Joe Biden came out victorious as well and will soon be sworn in to be our country’s next president. 

Sixth grader Claire Turner summed the event up. “I think this was such a fun and cool experience.”