Netflix Series Stranger Things Continues to Astound Viewers

Lana Mazibrada, Staff Writer

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things, you may be wondering what this hit show is about. It is considered to be a combination of horror, sci-fi and comedy. I honestly think that if you read or watched Harry Potter (all seven books/movies), you are ready for this. Readers of The Hunger Games, or Game of Thrones book series should have an interest in this television series as well.  

I wouldn’t recommend this if you’ve never really watched anything PG-13 or above, just because if you’ve only watched non-scary PG things you may not be “prepared for this.”

I personally love this show because of the mystery, such as the kids going missing randomly, secret labs, and secret dimensions and monsters being brought into ours. I also love the show because of it’s comedy, like funny jokes, or things that make you laugh hard. Besides the language, it’s the monsters that are considered the reason some people call Stranger Things slightly advanced and inappropriate for younger kids, which is why it’s rated TV-14. 

The monsters are big, red, bloody, and have a flower kind of face that eats people, and come from a secret dimension that accidentally got brought into ours. The story is wonderful though.  The first season is more mystery because one of the main characters go missing, the second season is more monsters and battle, and the third season is the best in my opinion. In the third season, all the characters are together, no one goes missing, and they work as a team to beat their final enemies (for now). 

My favorite characters are Eleven, because of her telekinesis and the cool ways she uses it. Another of my favorites is Dustin, because he is the funniest out of all the characters and is good with technology.  Lastly, there’s Max, who is a tough, brave, and funny character.

The crew of Stranger Things has said there will be no more than 4-5 seasons total. Season 4 will hopefully come out sometime in 2021  because they start filming in January. Meanwhile, you can rewatch the show, notice more details before, or just become an ultimate Stranger Things “nerd” and read about facts on the cast and show itself.