Looking For Hours of Binge Reading Entertainment? Choose Colfer’s Land of Stories

Fiona Joslin and Berit Harwood, Staff Writers

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The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer is a wonderful experience for those interested in the fantasy genre. The story stars a young girl named Alex and her twin brother Conner. Alex finds a portal to another land…in her grandmother’s storybook!

But before we delve into the magical land where stories come from we should find out some more about our two main characters. Alex and Conner Bailey  have recently moved into a new home due to the death of their late father. Their mother works at a children’s hospital and constantly takes on extra shifts to support her family. The twins long to have their father back, and a little adventure. The twins still have their grandmother, a kind old lady, who gave Alex and her brother a fairy tale book called The Land of Stories, the aforementioned magic portal. Little did the twins know that the book was their ticket to awesome adventures that would change their lives.

Through the portal they meet characters from all the classic fairy tales; from the witch in Hansel and Gretel, to Cinderella and our constant favorite, sassy Little Red Riding Hood. The twins also go through magical kingdoms that show people and landmarks from old fairy tales. But they to get back home. So what do two ordinary children have to do? Their answer…break into multiple castles and steal stuff to get ingredients for a magical spell that can grant them whatever their hearts desire, of course. This spell must come with a price, right? Well, to their demise, their foe seeking the same spell is none other than the infamous Evil Queen herself.

The Land of Stories is an excellent book for people who love fantasy and adventure. We personally  recommend this book for anyone up for hours of obsessed binge-reading. Yes, it’s that good. Fellow writer Molly Hunt says, “There is an exciting twist at every point that makes you want to read more!” We personally recommend that you give this book a chance, because this book has upped our standards for books in general.

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