Fun Things to Do During the Winter Season

Fiona Joslin, Staff Writer

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Do you ever get dreary during the winter? Do you ever long to play outside and enjoy the hot sun again. Never fear! Here are 5 cool activities to make your winter pleasurable. Yes, winter is over, but most of these things are fun anytime of year.

  1. Make something delicious! Baking fills up time and afterwards, you get the treat of your own creation. Maybe you should make something festive to the season like Peppermint Bark. This treat is dark chocolate, with white chocolate on top and on top of that, crushed candy cane or other peppermint candy.
  2. Do an art project! This activity is fun and gives you something beautiful to hang on your wall. The tape resistant water color project comes out with a cool effect. First, you put blue painter’s tape over your paper. Keep the amount of tape you use to 3-5 pieces. And try to paint on something substantial like a canvas or a piece of paper from a sketch book. Next, paint watercolors (any colors) over the tape and onto the parts of the paper that are without tape.
  3. Go sledding! Sledding can give you a thrill and excite you. And it’s a great activity for a snow day. And after experiencing the exciting but freezing trip, it’s always nice to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.
  4. Read a book. The winter is a great time to catch up on reading. Here are some recommendations:

1)The Land of Stories Series

2)The Series of Unfortunate Events

3)The Sisters Grimm

4) Chomp

5) Flush   

  1.  Play a card game. Card games can be many different games. Here are some of the popular ones:
  1. Crazy 8’s
  2. War
  3. Go fish
  4. Spit
  5. Rummy
  6. Gin Rummy


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