What If….?

Oliver Scott-Hansen, Staff Writer

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Welcome to “What If..!” the hottest new set of articles EVER!! Each article we acquire two subjects to it, then, we see what it might be in the future…. Find out THIS subject RIGHT NOW, on What If… Part I

Subject I: Skateboard

Even if you haven’t seen Back to the Future II, you’ve probably imagined a futuristic skateboard before. And that’s what these articles are about: Imagination. But, what would a futuristic skateboard look like? Would it hover? Would it be able to take you to China just like an airplane? Would it be able to take you BEYOND Earth? That’s why we have to imagine…….

Now for those of you who think that the skateboard of the future would hover, well, your prediction is pretty accurate! Scientists in Spain invented a type of magnetic track on which a skateboard with a magnetic underside, FLOATS! Amazing, isn’t it? To imagine that we are so very close to having a hoverboard! But, what if the answer to defying gravity was right under our noses this whole time? Stop for a moment and think. How can we do this? Can we create a mix of materials that repel the ground below them? Maybe…. just, maybe………

Now for those of you that think it would be able to take you to China like an airplane, think again. First, you would have to have insulation that can withstand about -30℉ (-34.444℃), because of the altitude. Second, how would you be able to repel the ground if you are 30,000 ft. (9144 m.) in the air. Third, how would you travel fast enough to reach China in time? To arrive in time, you would have to go about 600 miles per hour (965.606 kilometers per hour)! You would get blown off your hoverboard before you got in the air.

Now for those of you who think that it would take you into space, not happening anytime soon! First, how would you be able to withstand 5x Earth’s gravity when you’re exposed to it? And even if you did survive, you would suffocate when you got into outer space.

But, what if… What if it could take you to China on time? What if it could take you to Outer Space? What if……………………

Subject II: Car

This is one of everyone’s favorites. Almost everyone has imagined a Car of the Future. If you were in the future, and you were in a city with the future cars around you, what do you think they would do? Would they fly? Would they be able to travel past the speed of light? Would they be able to do instant teleportation? Well, imagine and find out………….

Now for those of you who think that the car of the future could fly, your prediction is very probable! Remember the scientists in Spain who developed the magnetic track for the Hoverboard? This could very well happen, but with cars.

Now, for those of you who think it will be able to take you past the speed of light, your prediction is sort of likely! PROS: Scientists in Switzerland and France have built an underground, circular tunnel that is so long, it goes through Switzerland and France! In the tunnel, they shoot atoms at incredible speeds. If they could make intact atoms that made up a car, then cars can maybe reach the speed of light. CONS: When you approach the speed of light, gravity gets IMMENSELY strong. So even if we could make a car go that fast, it would very likely be crushed by extreme forces of gravity. EXCEPTIONS: Hey, this was pretty complicated but in the future, we will eventually get to, and maybe pass the speed of light.

Now for those of you who think that the car of the future will be able to do instant teleportation, then your prediction is, um, highly improbable. The thing is, humans would have to invent teleportation pretty quickly.

But, what if it could take you past the speed of light? What if it could do instant teleportation? All these can happen if people imagine!


Sadly, this is all for this edition of What If…… I hope you are excited for the next one! I sure am! Until then, look soon for the next edition of WHAT IF…….

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What If….?