A Peek Into The Classroom

A Peek Into The Classroom

Berit Harwood, Staff Writer

This year 6th graders in Mrs. Hickey’s classroom learned the essential life skill of being an informed voter.   The unit focused on how learning about a subject can help you make an informed choice when needed. In the unit, Mrs. Hickey paired textbook learning with interactive activities to make learning fun and still get the information in students’ brains.

Beginning the unit Mrs. Hickey wasted no time delving into world issues and incorporating them in her lesson plans. This year she took inspiration from the recent British leave of the European Union or Brexit for short.  “Learning about Brexit was information-filled and fun,” said sixth grader Ollie Scott-Hansen. Students received a couple articles and learned how to take notes for future reference. We then used our notes and knowledge to write a speech or P.S.A. ( public service announcement). The winning P.S.A. would be filmed in front of the green screen. But people with stage/screen fright didn’t have to worry because if they didn’t want to have their speech considered, they could ask Mrs. Hickey to not select them.

To prepare for the upcoming 2016 presidential election, Ms. Hickey gave the students information and asked them to make their own decision based on the facts and opinions given. Later on in the unit, there was even a mini mock election!  “It was very helpful, very educating,” said Mrs. Hickey’s student, Sofia Bolanos.

Overall, this unit pleased students (including me) and taught them a necessary life skill.

Mrs. Hickey could not have done any better at preparing students for life as an eligible voter.