Four Seniors Lead Eagles to Two-Sport Success


Senior Tevaun Holness led the Dobbs Ferry Boys Basketball Team to its first section title in school history.

Sam Sellitti

For the first time in 52 years something unique happened in the Dobbs Ferry High School sports world. The Dobbs Ferry boys varsity basketball and football teams garnered sectional championships in the same year.   Four Dobbs Ferry seniors were instrumental to the success of both teams.

The four seniors that ended their last year of high school with going to states in two of the sports they played were Jack Baglieri, Tevaun “Tev” Holness, Emilio Nolasco, and Patrick Straub.

In football, Nolasco played running back along with Baglieri while Tev played wide receiver and Straub was quarterback. All four of them have been playing for three years on the varsity team. “I had been playing football with my friends since pop warner and more of them joined in modified. It was great because we were working hard and having fun at the same time which is the most important part to high school sports.” said Holness. “I made a brotherhood that will last forever.”

These four provided good leadership, they had a good understanding of the playbook and got along well.  However, their greatest impact was as role models for other players. “Overall, they all worked very hard in the offseason, they were very smart players, and easy to coach,” said assistant football coach Keith Galante. “The biggest thing was how hard they worked in the offseason, whether it was the weight room, or practice in the spring. Next year there will be lots of returning players. A lot of players saw how hard the seniors worked and know what it takes to be a champion,” said Galante.

Holness truly values his role as not only a valued member of a successful team, but also as one who is an integral part of a program.  “I believe that the varsity teams next year can accomplish a lot if they all actually work hard and can come together as a team and show everyone that Dobbs Ferry doesn’t rebuild they reload,” said Holness.

Though Dobbs fell one game short of winning the state title, Coach Galante said that it was just about as close to a perfect season with the tough schedule they had.

In basketball the team DID achieve the goal of a perfect season as they went on to win the golden ball.  “They had a great work ethic and were great to be around,” said Head Coach Scott Patrillo. “You know when you have a special group of seniors and things fall into place. These seniors put in the work, they were committed and dedicated. ”  

Similar to the success in football, the seniors look to carry their legacy for future teams.  “We are going to try and repeat next year. We have a lot of returning players,” said Patrillo.  “This group proved that it takes a team to win, not an individual. This group of seniors always passed to teammates. This was the most modest group I’ve ever had and it culminated in achieving the biggest thing; winning the gold ball.”