John Wall jumps over G-Man to win the NBA dunk contest

The title winning dunk by the Washington Wizards' John Wall.

The title winning dunk by the Washington Wizards' John Wall.

Zach Blatter, Staff Writer

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NBA all star weekend is sadly over, but let’s recap the most entertaining of all the events, the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.

With a new format this year, the contest started out with a 90-second freestyle round. Each team (East: Terrence Ross, Paul George and John Wall, West: Harrison Barnes, Damian Lillard and Ben McLemore) had 90 seconds to do as many spectacular dunks as they could, and at the end, the judges (former NBA superstars, Julius Erving, Dominique Wilkins and Magic Johnson) rated each team of dunkers. From Damian Lillard going through his legs, to John Wall throwing the ball off the shot clock to Paul George on his way to a ferocious slam, this very entertaining first round was won by the East.

The second and final round was the battle round, which was just like a one on one tournament. The first matchup was Terrence Ross vs. Damian Lillard. Ross went first. He pulled out rapper “Drake” from the crowd, grabbed the ball from him in midair, brought it through his legs, and slammed it through the net. Damian Lillard, on the other hand, did a full 360 windmill with his left hand! The judges awarded Ross with the higher score and Lillard was eliminated.

The second matchup consisted of Paul George and Harrison Barnes. Barnes did a semi-windmill dunk with a twist; the 2K Sports crew animated the dunk and is now available for download in the PS4 and XBox One version of NBA2K14 (Just enter the code HARRISONSLAM into the locker codes’ section). Paul George did a between the legs 360 with enthusiasm. The judges thought George’s dunk was better, so Barnes was eliminated.

The final matchup was Ben McLemore (of the Sacramento Kings) vs. John Wall.  McLemore went first.  He came out with a cape, Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq), and a man with a scroll. The man with a scroll spoke to the stunned crowd in attendance,  “I declare the city of Sacramento, be renamed Shaq-Lemore.”  After Shaq sat down in a throne under the basket, McLemore jumped over him and slammed the ball.

John Wall’s dunk was a little less complex, though much more spectacular (sometimes less is more!).  The Wizards’ mascot “G-Man” came out and stood under the basket, but Wall didn’t just jump over him and slam it.  While rising over “G-Man”, Wall pumped the ball down to his legs, then brought it up and slammed it over his own head. Both were amazing dunks, but all three judges liked Wall’s dunk better.

The East had won the dunk contest, but everybody knows, there can only be one individual NBA Slam Dunk Champion. The NBA let the fans decide who that one was. The votes were in. The fans had decided. John Wall was the dunker of the night.


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