Take a Chance on Counting By 7s

Fiona Joslin, Staff Writer

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The amazing Willow Chance, the heroine of Holly Goldberg Sloan’s Counting by 7s, is an eleven year girl who is really smart and is interested in basically everything. Orphaned at birth, Willow was adopted by two loving parents who loved her for what she is.

Willow, considered weird by her peers, didn’t have any friends. When she starts 6th grade, it doesn’t get any better. Willow was accused of cheating on a state test and was sent to the school counselor, Dell Duke.

Even though Dell wasn’t a very smart guy, he knew that Willow was special. As a result, Dell began to take a unique interest in Willow. Willow’s parents had no idea that she had been accused of cheating, or that she was being driven around by Dell Duke.

One day, Dell drives Willow home as usual, but the house is surrounded by police!

Throughout the story, Willow change the lives of almost everyone she meets. The list ranges from the life of a cab driver to the life of a high school boy that’s getting nowhere in life, to a lady who is barely making enough money to live.

Counting by 7s is an awesome book if you like intrigue and realistic fiction. “Counting by 7s  is a very interesting book that is great for all ages,” commented sixth grader Molly Hunt. Holly Goldberg Sloan has also written Just Call my Name and Short.

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Take a Chance on Counting By 7s