Extra Credit Benefits Both Students and First Responders

Max Montgomery, Staff Writer

In Health Class, taught by Mrs. Wing, there have been multiple donation opportunities to support kids in need, first responders and the troops. This is great because there are a lot of kids in need, especially after the shutdown and the first responders have gone above and beyond in the last couple of years. And after Halloween everybody has something to donate. 

And having donated two bottles of log cabin syrup, I know how much percentage is added to your overall health grade. About 3-4% per item is how much you get added on to your grade. So if you donated a full five items you would receive about 18%. A jaw dropping total. And if you did the Stress mail extra-credit which was 4% then you would have 22% added on to your grade. You could have an 80 in health and then if you did all of the extra-credit you could have a 102 in health!  However, take these calculations with a grain of salt because it is just an estimate and other things factor into it like your participation grade.

The real question is, is extra-credit good? I mean all teachers give different amounts but is extra-credit okay? Would it be better to not have it, because not all teachers give the same amount, some giving none. This creates an uneven playing field in school that might not matter in 6th grade or Elementary School but in late middle school and high school these extra-credit assignments can determine which colleges you can go to, and later on your salary. However, extra-credit isn’t something that students should depend on to get a good grade. Some schools don’t have extra-credit, so we should be grateful for any.

Honestly I like that Mrs. Wing gives a lot of extra-credit because it’s a better grade for me, but for subjects where there are more than one teacher it can be a bit more problematic because of the imbalance in extra-credit. However, everything that our teachers give us whether it’s homework or extra-credit, they are just trying to help us learn, so no assignments that they give us are bad for us.