New Appointee to Supreme Court An Inspiration for All

Noah Sussman, Staff Writer

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was recently confirmed into the Supreme Court with a vote of 53-47. A historic moment that the U.S will remember. She was a Harvard graduate and was considered the “most qualified supreme court justice”. Although multiple supreme court justices have been Harvard graduates, only 49 of them since the Supreme Court was created had such education.

Justice Brown Jackson was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Miami, Florida. Her parents lived through the Jim Crow laws where they attended segregated primary schools, then attended historically black colleges and universities. Justice Brown Jackson worked hard throughout her school years and was on a debate team in high school. However, like many people of color, she didn’t always have supportive people in her corner. 

When she shared with her high school counselor that she wanted to apply for Harvard University, she was told not to set her “sights so high”. Still, she persevered; Judge Brown Jackson not only was accepted into Harvard University, she graduated with honors and attended Harvard Law School, where she graduated cum laude

Judge Brown Jackson is the first former federal public defender to serve on the US Supreme Court. Justice Brown Jackson’s background as a defense attorney is a rarity among Supreme Court justices.  This experience is important because she can view cases from a different perspective. She has represented defendants who did not have the financial means to pay for an attorney. 

Judge Brown Jackson is a role model for all of us, especially for students like me that are working towards accomplishing their dreams. As the first African American female justice on the court, she exemplifies what can be achieved with focus and hard work.