Hang Out, Grab a Dog, at the Dawg House!


The Dawg House is located at 25 Cedar Street in Dobbs Ferry.

Colin Dubilier

It seems like a normal hot dog place from the outside, but once you open up that door it is a hot dog wonderland. The Dobbs Ferry Dawg House, located at the heart of the village on 25 Cedar Street in Dobbs Ferry, has crazy hot dogs that no one would ever think about! The Dawg House is owned by Irvington resident Robert Dubilier and has a 4.5 star review from Yelp. The Dawg House opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at closes at 4:00. It is closed only on Sundays.

The dogs vary from mac n cheese and bacon dogs, to s’mores dogs, and Doritos on dogs.  Customers can custom-make their dogs using chips, ketchup, cereal, cream cheese, jelly, marshmallows, sour cream, lettuce, mustard, bacon, mac n cheese, etc.  A current eater at the Dawg House, Sam Sellitti, says, “It’s the best and the only hot dog place in town. I like the variety of hot dogs that they have. My favorite hot dog is the Mac Attack.”

The Dobbs Dawg House was featured in an episode of Man vs Food. The challenge is eating 12 hot dogs in 30 minutes. Food won the challenge.

Rob Dubilier opened the Dawg House in 2011. He can trace his cooking experience back to his childhood when he would help his mother cook family meals in their kitchen.  He wanted to open up a hot dog restaurant because “everyone loves hot dogs, it always brings back a childhood memory for people.” The Dawg House also has special hot dogs. There is something called “The Dog of the Month”. It is when they come up with a special hot dog and sell it for only one month. Then they take it down and come up with a new one. They also have special hot dogs for holidays. For every holiday they come up with a crazy special dog that has ingredients that goes with the holiday.

The Dawg House is a great place to eat if you want something out of your comfort zone. It is great for lunch. Make sure you stop by and try one of the delicious hot dogs on the menu.