No Matter Where They Come From, Girl Scout Cookies Taste Great!



Two versions of essentially the same cookie; the Samoas are made by LBB and the Caramel deLights are made by ABC Bakers.

Melanie Gralnick

Would you ever think that two different companies would sell the same thing without competition? Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Bakers are the two different bakers of Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout Cookies have been around for over 100 years but the troops used to make and sell their own cookies. Company-made cookies have only been around for 35 years!

Jennifer Kupershlak is someone who works for Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson (GSHH). She helps out with the cookies getting delivered. “There are two different bakers of girl scout cookies but the cookies have very minor differences,” said Kupershlak. They have different names because they have different ingredients but taste the same. For example, the Samoas made by Little Brownie Bakers have more caramel and have dark chocolate drizzle instead of milk chocolate. The Caramel DeLights have less caramel and milk chocolate drizzle instead of dark chocolate drizzle.“The Council decides which baker to use and what the prices will be for their cookies. GSHH sells their cookies for a lower price than some other councils,” said Kupershlak.

Toffee- Tastic is the gluten free girl scout cookie. Toffee Tastic is celebrating it’s 5th birthday as a Girl Scout cookie. It sells for $5 along with the Girl Scouts S’mores. The rest of the cookies, Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles, Do Si Do’s, and Trefoils, sell for $4. LBB headquarters is in Louisville, Kentucky but councils all around the country get LBB cookies. “⅔ of the country gets LBB cookies,” said Aurora Orozco, one of the workers for GSHH.

In 2017 girl scout cookies celebrated their 100th birthday. That means 102 years of girl scout cookies! Little Brownie Bakers has been selling girl scout cookies for over 35 years! Both companies of girl scout cookies sell in New York. Other states only sell one of the two companies. “LBB was founded in 1999. First it was owned by Kellogg’s but recently was bought by Ferrero, the same company that makes Nutella,” said Kupershlak.

Would you think that Girl Scout Cookies have been around for so long? They have been and some of the cookies have been around since the beginning like Thin Mints. They just had a different name.