The Near Future of Earth

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The Near Future of Earth

Oliver Scott-Hansen, Staff Writer

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Some people say that Earth’s future will look and be exactly the same as it does now. They think that we would only improve on simple, daily things, like cars or trains. They think that no one is able to tell exactly what the future will bring. They’re wrong. There is one thing that is absolutely certain. Space exploration. That’s what the future is.

What people thought was the future

100 years ago, people thought that there would be flying taxis, civilian moon vacations, hovering buildings, and so much other stuff that we aren’t even close to having today. They thought that a kid would be able to ask their mom and say: “Mom, can I use the teleporter to go meet Dylan at the Pizza Place?” Ask yourself, would you be able to do that today? No.

How will we go beyond our limits

You might not realize it, but a lot of people around you might want to go to space when they grow up. You may think that it takes so long to do it. But if you push yourself, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Some people like space, but they don’t want to go. They just want to design the rockets for the people who want to go to space.

How is this our future?

Whoa! Slow down there! It’s like you’re travelling at lightspeed! Speaking of that, we don’t have lightspeed systems yet! Some people think that the near future has lightspeed to offer. We’re still developing them yet. For now, we’ll settle with what we have: rockets. They can get to other planets without lightspeed systems. Our future isn’t the Millennium Falcon, it’s the SLS Orion, and the Interplanetary Transport Systems. Rockets planned to take people to Mars and other planets in the solar system in the near future.


These planned rockets may be the gateway to first contact with life beyond earth. Probes and rovers cannot prove if aliens exist or not. But humans can. They can search for the real truth that has been unanswered for thousands of years: ARE WE ALONE?

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